Looking for a healthy gift for the holidays that isn't stuck on a ship in the ocean?  We've got your back. Some California grown liquid gold.  

Introducing our newest queen in the collection, Queen Cleopatra. Cleopatra is our inspiration because the secret ingredient for her unmarred beauty was olive oil. Yep.  EVOO.

This is the healthiest EVOO we've ever made.

 The highest Polyphenol** level I've ever found, 582 when milled.  Polyphenols are your palace guard, your superhero.

**Polyphenols are reducing agents, and together with other dietary reducing agents, such as vitamin C, vitamin E and carotenoids, referred to as antioxidants, protect the body's tissues against oxidative stress and associated pathologies such as cancers, coronary heart disease and inflammation.

Creamy, elegant with a delicate finish.

Hints of artichoke, rosemary and lemon zest start at the front of the palate, with a subtle & delicate finish. Enjoy Cleo drizzled on your butternut squash soup, roasted vegetables and gelato with a dash of flaky sea salt. She brings out the flavor of your food without taking over the flavor profile.

Perfect for cooking or seriously, using it on your skin and hair. Like the Greek, Romans and Olympians did back in the day.  

I've got some lovely gift cards and lI'll write your personal messages so it feels.....well....special. Cause your peeps are special...right?

The olives in this blend are from the stunning Allegretto Vineyard Resort in Paso Robles. Picked and milled in November 2020 and anxiously waiting for their debut. Only 170 bottles to share.

15% off orders of 3 or more bottles of Queen Cleopatra using code QUEEN15

*Meet the rest of the family*

The Royal Couple


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