Our Italian beauties (Frantoio, Carotina, Pendolino, Leccino) are picked and milled the same day to get the healthiest and best quality EVOO.

"The Queen of Trees produces some of the best EVOO in Paso Robles.

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Grassy, fresh, peppery,  In Limited quantities

Well...2020 was 2020.  We had a light crop and we picked a month earlier (masked and distanced) to get a different flavor profile, a little grassier, brighter, peppery.  As a result, we have a super small lot, just 50 bottles of our precious juice.  It will not disappoint your palate.  We're offering to former customers first... and then to new customers if we have some left in stock.


*Meet the rest of the family*

The Royal Couple


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