People who live among olive trees tell you that their Air is Pure & their Lives Are Full.

“Olive branches symbolize nobility, wisdom, fertility (Athena), peace (Noah’s ark), strength (Hercules staff), sacrifice (Christ), victory (Olympians), Resurrection (Greeks)”. They are Royal, Regal, bad ass. If you look closely, the bald eagle on the one-dollar bill shows that the bird is holding an olive branch in its right talon. The UN signals its commitment to peacekeeping on its blue and with flag, which shows a map of the world encircled by twin olive branches.

Read The Life and Lore of a Noble Fruit by Mort Rosenblum if you want to become an olive geek.  

Why “The Queen of Trees”?

Queens have many of the same qualities as olive trees. They are rulers, wear a crown, people bow when they enter the room and call them “your majesty”. They are the most powerful chess piece and can sink your hand in the game of “hearts” if you aren’t careful. Whether you are the Queen of England or the queen of a honey bee colony, you are the female in charge. The Romans and Spaniards called olive trees “The Queen of All Trees” because they live long with grace and elegance.

Will you become a Queen if you use our oil? Will you be called “your majesty” and/or will folks bow to you when you enter the room? Will you live long and flourish? Who knows. It is called “Royal Oil”. Give it a try.

About our Queens

Our gorgeous ladies are Italian (duh). Frantoio, Carotina, Pecolina, Leccino and more. We planted 220 5 year old trees 9 years ago. Some thrived, some died. Gophers chew on the roots. The ground squirrels love rubber and mess with our irrigation. The deer commute through our orchard to the vineyard next door and rub on the trees and snap branches. The bunnies dig little burrows near the trunks. Thank goodness the birds don’t dig olives (yet) so even though they poke a couple each year, they prefer grapes. We LOVE the owls and raptors that eat thousands of varmints a year. Olive trees grow year round so if you get a warm spell before a freeze… you lose your crop. Or if you have an early freeze before you’re ready to harvest… you lose your crop. And it goes on and on. Farming is not for the faint of heart.  

Olive People

Olive people are friends, family, wonderful customers and team members who support our venture. Living among the trees, walking the orchard, picking the little beauties and celebrating their juice brings your heart some love and some peace.