Royal Couple

500 per bottle

$ 75 

$ 65 

Just the hat - $25
Hat and EVOO Gift Pack - $55

The Olive and The Fig are legendary mediterranean lovers, representing peace and prosperity. For the first time, we are offering a spectacular fig balsamic from Modena Italy. Sweet and seductive Italian figs, blended with aged balsamic creates an outrageous partner for our Estate EVOO.  Sweet and savory never tasted so good. Get ready.

Our generous 500 ml bottles give you enough to play with in your kitchen…you can even sneak a couple of spoonfuls when your guests aren’t looking. Once you do the figgy drizzle, you can’t stop….over meat, roasted vegetables, ice cream, toast, oatmeal, salads….I even add some to my ice tea.

We don't sell the Fig Balsamic separately because we only have 200 bottles.

15% off orders of 3 or more bottles of Queen Cleopatra using code QUEEN15


Sweet and Savory. The grassy and herbacious EVOO blended with the silky and sweet fig balsamic is a match made in heaven.