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Royal Oil

500 ml

$ 35 

Just the hat - $25
Hat and EVOO Gift Pack - $55

Picked and Milled early (on October 24th, 2020) to create a gorgeous green and flavorful EVOO.  It has a grassy, nutty flavor with smooth mouth feel, a fruity nose and a white pepper finish. We had a small crop and picked early when the olives are green, so we have less oil.  

We only have 50 bottles of this special juice so we are limiting one bottle per order.

If you see floating waves or some solidification in your bottle...no fear. That doesn't mean your oil is bad, (COOC certification means it is extremely high quality). It actually means it is healthy and contributes to the silky "mouth feel". Bringing the EVOO to room temperature should reduce coagulation.

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