Royal Twins

500 ml per bottle

$ 80 

$ 70 

Just the hat - $25
Hat and EVOO Gift Pack - $55

Two bottles of our celebrated Estate EVOO.

Double trouble, Double delight. One for you--one for me. (Sharing is overrated) Stick one bottle in the pantry or share one with a friend. Either way, you will save $$ and who doesn't like a little discount? We are thrilled that we have a big enough crop to offer least for a couple of months.

Our Italian beauties (Frantoio, Carotina, Pendolino, Leccino) were lovlngly handpicked and milled just hours later on November 20, 2021 in Paso Robles, California.   The crop was bountiful with a gorgeous mix of deep purple and grassy green olives yielding a fresh and complex flavor profile busting with a high level of healthy Polyphenols.  

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Elegant front of mouth feel with a grassy kick at the finish. Hints of rosemary, clove, lemon peel and artichoke. Complex but not complicated. Asking for your attention, but not trying too hard.