A Queen & her trees

Edie has Italian genes.  Her Dad’s family were sharecroppers in Calabria.  Her Mom’s ancestors Immigrated from Northern Italy.  Her dream—Live in Italy.  As 50 approached she realized she needed to do a little “dream revision”.  She bought a Vespa and searched for a place that had the landscape and spirit of Italy—enter Paso Robles.  In Italy, olive trees are passed on to the next generation for good luck and livelihood…so she and Bob planted 220 to start a new family tradition.

You grow grapes for your kids and olives for your grandkids

Our kids are probably still wondering about Mom's & Dad's mid-life crisis, but Paso Robles has stolen their hearts and olive trees soothe their souls. The grandkids are already smitten. What is not to love about tractors, mud and running through the orchard?

  • It takes about 2,000-3500+ olives for a 375ml bottle of olive oil. Crazy. In comparison, it takes about 600-800 grapes for a 750ml bottle of wine. The Queens (trees) work hard to fill your bottle.

  • High Olive Oil consumption can be associated with longevity- Harvard Study Link

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  • Polyphenols contain strong anti-inflammatory properties, aiding in digestion, reducing risk of cardiovascular disease, lowering blood pressure...and more. Our oil has over 650 which is VERY high.....VERY healthy. Link Here

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Food and Farming in the veins

The story starts in Calabria where the Filice family were peasants, sharecroppers, working in the fields and tending to farmyard animals.  At age 15, speaking only Italian and with very little money and possessions, Gennaro left his family and country and headed to the new World to build a better life.  New York to Canada to Gilroy. Through incredible hard work at whatever jobs he could secure, he helped bring his family to California and built a successful canning company, Filice & Perrelli, that survived prejudice, fires, the Depression, WW1 and WW2. The Molfiino family were small farmers in Strathmore, California (2 hours 1 minute due East from Paso Robles).  They grew grapes and other fruits, lived in a pink house, worked very hard and lived very modestly.